Phoenix RC

Phoenix RC

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•Approved and developed by former British Champions, industry professionals and 3D master flyers.

•Stable, powerful and accurate custom-built dynamics engine for world-class helicopter and fixed-wing physics.

•Advanced graphics capabilities with special effects.

•Over 50 beautifully modelled and realistic aircraft, including autogyros, tilt-rotors and sea-planes. Extra models are also released on an regular basis for free download.

•Fully destructible models – models will break apart realistically if you hit the ground or abstacles, affecting the aircraft flight dynamics.

•10 unique 360°x180° photographic panoramic sceneries – no lost coverage or fake areas. Additional sceneries are also released on a regular basis.

•Full Internet/LAN/Split-screen multiplayer mode with special training and competition features – fly with other pilots from across the world and learn new skills from them.

•Realistic fully interactive panoramic water environments with splashes, wakes and spray.

•Intuitive, easy-to-use yet in-depth graphical interface.

•Failures panel – set up a random or preset failure to practice real-life problems.

•Incredibly powerful flight recording and playback tools with flight „shuttling” for instant motion.

•Exciting Night Flying mode with realistic glow-schemes and dedicated aircraft.

•Detailed professional customisation system with revolutionary in-flight tuning system.

•Advanced training modes for helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.

•Unique competition modes make improving your skills fun and exciting.

•Custom Plug and Play USB interface included compatible with all major popular transmitter types.

Helicopter Models:
T-Rex 450 SE
Performance electric T-Rex 600
3D Performance electric
Raptor 30 Sport
Sport IC Raptor 50 3D
Performance IC
Raptor 50 Sport
Sport IC Swiss Lama Coaxial
Coaxial scale electric
Augusta 109
Scale IC Ecuriel
Scale IC
Scale IC BO-105 Arctic
Scale IC
Performance IC Buzzard-50 Nightfly
Performance IC + night lighting
Scale IC Easyfly-50
Training IC
Scale IC Gazelle
Scale IC
Hughes 300
Scale IC Hughes-500
Scale Gas Turbine
Performance Gas Turbine Knight .50
Performance IC
Performance IC Robinson R-22
Scale IC
Performance IC Scythe
Performance Electric
Scale IC Sea Squirrel
Scale IC
Scale Electric Spark
Light Electric
Spark Trainer
Light Training Electric Synergy N9/Team
Performance IC

Fixed Wing Models:
IC Pylon-racer Beech-58
Scale IC
Performance IC DeHavilland Beaver
Scale IC
DeHavilland Beaver floatplane
Scale IC Corsair
Scale IC
Performance IC Sukhoi-22
Scale Electric Ducted Fan
Flying Wing
Performance Electric Grumman Goose
Scale IC – amphibious
Performance Gas Turbine Hawk Trainer
Scale Gas Turbine
Scale Electric High-wing Trainer
Training IC
Yak 30
Performance Electric Low-wing Trainer
Training IC
Performance IC Max-3D Nightfly
Performance IC + Night-lighting
Pitts Special
Performance IC Shuriken
Performance IC
Scale IC Tiger Moth
Scale IC
Performance Electric Yak 54
Performance IC
Funtana 90
Performance IC Fieseler Storch
Scale Electric

Glider Models:
Slope Soaring Glider Super Dimona
Scale IC Glider
Advanced Thermal Glider

Other Models:
Prototype IC Tilt-rotor Cierva
Scale IC Autogyro

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