FMS – darmowe latanie (symulatorem)

Bardzo prosty, z prosta grafika, niezbyt wiernie oddajacy rzeczywistosc ale wielka zaleta jest to ze jest on calkowicie darmowy i pozwala wyrobic siobie podstawowe odruchy i reakcje.

New with FMS 2.0 Beta 7

– Full 3D collision dectection with all objects on the landscape
– Many new models
– Many new landscapes
– New installation routine (in three languages)
– Translated user interface with 18 languages
– „Hidden dialog windows” error removed
– Models can’t rotate into the ground anymore
– Thermal with adjustable strength
– Vario display for soaring
– Winch strength is adapted to every model
– More stable flight calculation (more independent from cpu clock frequency)
– Reload of models during flight (without initialisation)
– Improved camera settings for „Chase camera” mode
– Reload function for landscapes
– Seperate channel- and keyboardmapping for helis and airplanes
– New driver (32-Bit-VXD) for ppm serial- and parallelport interfaces
– Serial PIC interface (Windows 2000 compatible !!!)
– New calibration routine for radios
– Calibration routine for joysticks, with center-trim
– Visible menu in fullscreen-mode (hideable with key F12)
– Selectable colordepth (16-bit or 32-bit) in fullscreen-mode
– Automatic saving and loading of all settings
– Check on the DirectX version
– Sound-volume changeable
– Small delay before „Auto-initialization”
– Mipmapping of the textures (no nervous pixels on the horizon)
– English manual
– Improved controlls for the pilot position
– Preview for the models and landscapes
– Texture-mirror problem with DirectX RM files (.x) corrected
– Many smaller or internal errrors and problems solved


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