Thunder Tiger – mini Titan E325

Product No. TTR4710-K10

The latest innovation by Thunder Tiger, the mini Titan E325. It has the perfect combination of flying stability and the agility for 3D flying.


Full Length of fuselage: 25.74″
Full width of fuselage: 4.72″
Total height: 8.3″
Main rotor dia: 28.66″ ~ Max 29.45″
Tail rotor dia: 6.14″
Gear ratio: 1:10 ~ 15:4.4
Full equipped weight: 26.50 oz.

The Titan E325 is a mini RC Helicopter of easy approach. Without noise, pollution and pressure, you can fly it in the park and just have fun . Whatever flying style you like, you will be 100% satisfied with this fine machine. With whole new design, the helicopter is stable and quick. You can fly it tenderly and you can fly 3D.. This is simply the best you have never met.


120° e-CCPM electronics cyclic collective pitch mixing
Rigid frame design eliminates flex during 3D maneuvers
Constant driven Auto-Rotation system
Interlocking 3 piece frame design
Rigid one piece-landing skid
Anti-Rotation swash guide
Belt driven tail system
Rear servo mount

Wymagane wyposazenie:

Radio Set – Transmitter (6 or more channels), Servo x4, Receiver, Battery, Gyro & Rubber Band.
Propulsion System – Brushless Motor (OBL 29/36-10 H), Speed Control (No.8041 ACE BLC-40),
Li-poly battery 3S & Battery (Li-poly) charger.
Adhesives – Epoxy, Instant setting Cyanoacrylate adhesive (CA), Anaerobics retainer (R48) &
Threadlocking (T22).
Tools – Screw, Needle and Ball Pliers, Nipper, Scissors, Hobby knife, Grease, Hex wrench set,
Rubber band & Double side tap.

Wersje w zaleznosci od tego co znajdziemy w pudelku :

mini Titan E325 – Kit Product No.: TTR4710-K11 – w/Motor & ESC

mini Titan E325 – ARF Product No.: TTR4710-A10

mini Titan E325 – ARF Product No.: TTR4710-A11 – w/Motor & ESC

mini Titan E325 – ARF PLUS Product No.: TTR4710-A12 – w/Motor, ESC, Gyro & Servos

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